Xray Mod Functions in Minecraft

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Minecraft has now been in line with the most addicting game of its generation. This game has started as an independent game in sandbox and later has been innovated to cater the growing needs of the public embracing the game. Basically, this game is made up entirely of blocks. It is like a Lego game with textured cubes comprising the game.

There are no specific goals for the game. You can create your own world through blocks, collect diamonds and stones, guard your luck towards getting caught in lava and protecting self from zombies. But as simple as it may look, it has come to be a cause of addiction that a lot of technical savvy people have developed mods to make the gaming experience a lot better. And one of the most popular mods available is the xray mod.

Xray mod, as its name implies provides a vision of the game akin to an Xray. It has 4 basic functions that a player would find to be amusing.

When you come to key in X on your keyboard, it will allow you to see the world underneath the plain surface of the game. You will be able to see lavas to get rid of and diamonds to collect. This serves best as you can gather diamonds and rocks without minding the possibility of getting caught in lava as you will greatly see the path that you should take.

Keying in R on the other hand will help you reveal red stones. Red stones block ways that you may encounter while in the game. But, with the mod at hand, be free to have a clearer view of the path.

Another function of xray mod is revealed when you key in L. There are spaces in the game that may seem to be dark when you enter like that of caves and dungeons. Xray mod will enable the gamer to see a lighted view of the area after keying in L. This is helpful when you have got dark areas containing villains that may block you when you come blinded.

And lastly, keying in C with xray mod will show you different coordinates. This game works in numbers with axis such as x and y. In multiplayer game, you will need to tell your mates where you are and the best way to tell is with the use of coordinates. In the game with xray mod, you are allowed to use coordinates too by keying in F3. But, the only thing with this is that it blocks your way because numbers start to appear on screen. Xray mod saves you with this though as it only shows important coordinates on the upper leftmost side.

These are some of the basic functions of the xray mod. Though some of its functions are great when you are playing alone, you may want to consider not using it with multiplayer games as it can be a form of cheating unless it is permitted. Besides, it feels good to win without using cheats.

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What Xray Mod Minecraft Does

xray mod minecraft


Minecraft has been ranked in line with the games being obsessed by a lot of people. Probably, it’s simple interface has pushed people to love the game even more. This game has first started as a sandbox game but has gathered patrons that it had been brought to a more serious gaming world. Because of the innovations done for year, there have been mods created too.

Why are mods created? Specifically, mods are created to enhance the gaming experience of the user. With mods, it will be a lot easier to win a certain game. In terms of xray mod minecraft for instance, there are many benefits that it could bring the player. Here are just some that you may want to know.

Xray mod minecraft will let a player have an access with riches. The game may be enhanced once you have collected stones and diamonds to help you get the objects you want. Get these precious gems easily with xray mod as it reveals the exact location of the diamonds and stones. By using this mod, you might see precious gems gleaming and waiting for you to take a grab over it.

Xray mod minecraft will also save you from getting caught dead. The game of course, is flooded with traps that will leave the players dead. Not when you have got xray mod minecraft. Aside from the diamonds and stones it reveals, it also has the capacity to reveal lava that are major death causer in the game. Lava appears to be orange which is easy to spot when using the mod.

This specific mod will also give you a quick idea on your exact location. The game makes use of coordinates in order to let the player know where the exact location is. This will also alert some players where their company is. Feel free to get out from the hassle of clicking F3 that will only leave your way blocked with coordinates that may leave your screen lagging too. This mod however gives you the same benefits of getting the idea of the coordinates without your screen blocked as there is only one single line containing it placed on the topmost left portion of the screen.

Basically, xray mod minecraft will give you a view of the game in an easy way. You will not even feel the threat of getting dead as the mod will allow you to spot dangerous places. But the thing is, the game comes less of a challenge with this mod. Imagine having all the access to the convenience of spotting objects just when you need to and get saved from threats. If you are enjoying a single player game, this can be a good thing to add in the game especially if you do not want any challenge. But when you are playing with a group, you might halt using such so as not to be accused with cheating. It is more fulfilling to win without cheats in the first place.

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How to Install and Use Minecraft Inventory Editor

Minecraft inventory editor


Another addicting game that comes to rattle the gaming world is Minecraft. It has been the subject of forums leading a way for yet another addicting game to check out. Of course, there are different add-ons that may come to enhance the gaming experience. If you are an expert with Minecraft, you may have come across these add-ons already but being an amateur with the game does not make you less as add-ons come to be comprehensive and easy to operate. One of the most popular add-ons you may want to get a grab of is the Minecraft inventory editor.

The Minecraft inventory editor or simply INVEdit is tool that will enable the player adjust the number of objects in the game. The game allows a number of objects to be used in the game but this game gives players the power to increase it in a number that will surely of great use. Now, you might come to question how to get this Minecraft inventory editor and how to use it. Here are the ways.

First, you may need to download this add-on from a reputable site. You can search through Google to find sites that will give you the benefit. Then of course, you can directly download the file. The file is such a small one that it will just take minutes to download. Once the download is done, you can just unzip the file and put it to specific location where you can easily see it.

And now with the execution of the real deal – the use of such add on. In the extracted file, find the INVEdit tool and double click it. It will then open a window where you have to work on. Find your loaded game first on the tabs located at the top corner of the window. After it has been loaded, you can just choose the items that you need to reproduce in the game that is readily available on the right side of the window. After all the objects such as blocks of sand, grass, gravel and railings are selected, you can easily edit the number of these objects. Afterwards, you can just have it saved and be ready to get in the game. You may not see the exact number in your inventory in the game but you will find that as you put the objects on, it actually has the number you have encoded on the INVEdit.

There is just one thing to watch out though. There are updates done with this add on from time to time to cater the needs of the users. Check for updates from time to time. You can do so by clicking the check for update tab on the window of the add-on. This is how simple using INVEdit is. You can clearly see that you do not really need to be skilled in pimping computer games because making use of this feature is just easy. So start enhancing your game now by downloading this useful tool.

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